This website is dedicated to the 4Ts game. Designed by CNR-ITD, the board game provides guidance to teachers in the conceptualisation (i.e. the initial design stage) of collaborative learning activities for their learners. The game can be used in the context of teacher professional development actions, or as a design tool.

The 4Ts game is Open Source and is available in 3 formats: full tangible, full digital and hybrid (half tangible + half digital) game.
It was initially developed with a core 4Ts module but then the core module was enriched with additional features/modules.

Below you can find all the information regarding the different evolutions, along with the links to download them and all the associated materials.

This is the most recent evolution of the game and is composed of two modules: the core 4Ts module (in digital format) + an additional module, developed within the SuperRED project, aimed to support the design of collaborative learning activities oriented to Self-Regulated Learning. This is called "SRL module" and is available in full digital, full tangible or hybrid formats.

SuperRED small logo SuperRED (2022 - 2024)

SuperRED Project Results document (Appendix 1).

Windows version of the SRL-4Ts game

Full digital version of the SRL Module.

Mac version of the SRL-4Ts game

Tangible version of the SRL Module.

This is the first evolution of the game, which was developed within the PLEIADE project. It is available in tangible, digital and hybrid version. It also includes specific features to support collaborative, but also inclusive learning activities.

SuperRED small logo PLEIADE (2020 - 2023)

PLEIADE Project's Intellectual Output 2

Windows version of the I4Ts game

Cards & board generator tool

Mac version of the I4Ts game

This is the initial core 4Ts game module; it is available in tangible format only.

4Ts game Manual

Core 4Ts game board

Cards' deck (english)

The following is a list of useful resources for all iterations of the 4Ts game.

Complete list of the cards used in the 4Ts game

Description of techniques used in the 4Ts game

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If you have any question or request, you can contact the 4Ts game Team via email at


A list of research papers about the game is available in the Publications section

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